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Unfolded L78 X W51 X H108 cm 
Folded L116 X W32 X H40 cm

Weight 8.9kg

  • Rear seat is suitable from 30 months up to 20kg.  Reclines 130 Degrees.

  • Front seat suitable from 6 months up to 15kg with 2 position leg rest.

  • Car seat compatible with most international car seat model.  Please note, only usable with 1 infant car seat.

  • Built in car seat adaptor straps.  No need to purchase additional accessories!

  • Removable canopy with 2 viewing windows.

  • Compact umbrella fold.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.

  • One touch double brakes.

  • Front wheels swivel or fix.

  • Front and rear suspension

  • Certified ASTM F833-11 and CPSIA Compliant.

※ Includes rain cover and removable cup holder.


L78 X W51 X H108 cm 
L116 X W32 X H40 cm (折疊)
重量:約 8.9 kg

● 適用年齡:前座6個月起至約20kg,後座30個月起至20kg
● 承重:前座約15kg,後座約20kg
● 輕巧傘車式結構
● Light weight鋁合金車架
● 布料:600D牛津布耐磨舒適
● 後輪煞車為鋼繩連動式一腳雙煞車
● 前輪可360度轉向與向前定向

● 下方配有可拆卸置物籃
● 符合ASTM和F833-13bCPSIA認證

※ 附使用說明書,贈雨罩、杯架

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