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US branded double stroller - Kinderwagon,professional double stroller. Singapore Kinderwagon to provide customer service to the Singapore customer and local market. 



Kinderwagon, Justin and his wife Jennifer the founder and designer of Kinderwagon. When they have their second pregnancy, it was a twin! They started to look around for the suitable stroller for their first child, 20 months old and the newborn twin. However, they found the stroller in the market is either too long, too wide or too heavy. Or, one of the seat unable to have the view of the front. Justin and Jennifer gather all their research and thoughts, and they desire for a safe, very lightweight, very narrow, both children get a view, and it’s about the same size as a single stroller. This is the background and story about Kinderwagon.


Let's try to Kinderwagon Hop or Jump with your kids. 


Kinderwagon just make outing enjoyable!



They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and it's never more true than when your search for just the right toy, outfit, or stroller just isn't available for your child. With nothing that quite met all our expectations for quality, comfort, and convenience on the market, we began developing designs of our own. That's when Kinderwagon was born.
Most people wouldn't consider compromising the safety, comfort, and drive of their cars so why skimp on a stroller? At Kinderwagon, our goal is to provide a comfortable and engaging ride for babies and a no-nonsense driving experience for parents. After all, your stroller is baby's first vehicle; why not set the bar high?
With three children of our own, we know that cutting corners on safety or quality is something we will never do. We have applied our creativity and capabilities not just on choosing the most fun fabrics but on developing a system that's friendly to parents and comfortable and safe for children and babies. How safe? How comfortable? Ask our twins, Fletcher and Gretchen. They ride in our Kinderwagon Hop stroller every day.


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